Resistance of nichrome wire calculator

Using the wattage, calculate the total resistance of the nichrome wire that is needed. Using the total resistance calculate the resistance per metre. Using the resistance per metre check what or if a suitable nichrome wire can be found on our website.

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The max. current in the 18 gauge wire with max. temperature 500 o C is 13 A and the heat can be produced in a single wire. The total resistance in the heating wire can with Ohm's law be.




Nichrome: Most resistance wire heating elements usually use nichrome 80/20 (80% Nickel, 20% Chromium) wire, ribbon, or strip. Nichrome 80/20 is an ideal material, because it has relatively high resistance and forms an adherent layer of chromium oxide when it is heated for the first time. OMX 8 Meters of 44 Gauge Nichrome wire - Heat Resistance Wire (0.0813 mm Diam) - Heating Coils - For Foam Cutting. 1. ₹299₹999 (70% off) Save ₹50 when you buy ₹1,000 o. Get it by Friday, November 4. FREE Delivery on first order.

This particular resistance wire is Nichrome 80, an alloy nominally composed of 80 percent nickel and 20 percent chromium. This mixture gives the wire great mechanical strength and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Our wire conforms to ASTM B344 specifications, and is rated for continuous use at up to 1200°C (2192°F)..

DC / single phase calculation. The voltage drop V in volts (V) is equal to the wire current I in amps (A) times 2 times one way wire length L in feet (ft) times the wire resistance per 1000 feet R in ohms (Ω/kft) divided by 1000: Vdrop (V) = Iwire (A) × Rwire(Ω) = Iwire (A) × (2 × L(ft) × Rwire(Ω/kft) / 1000 (ft/kft)) The voltage drop V.